You might have seen that GTA has the best qualities, graphic stories characters and overall is a great movie but not for everybody. Some people have various reasons why they do not like the particular game in the series but there is room for improvement. In the game, the driving is very difficult. When you compare this to the other series, there is no drifting. This means that missions that require a chase or fast driving were very difficult, in fact more than they needed to be. Some people even noted that nice sports car would dent within the first few minutes after you obtained it; it really does not affect the character or the story but it is strange for that game.

A serious number of people argued that this part of the series was not as fun as the rest. The main thing that made the game series fun is the type of destruction that you could achieve with a tank. Causing mayhem was one of the things that brought back good memory and it easy not included in this GTA. The only weapons are granades and an annihilator helicopter; which makes the whole game quite different. The dlc has more destruction vehicles, but they are much more interesting in the base game.  There is an annoying character that keeps bugging in the game. The roman character may be decent but they have this annoying tendency of calling you up for meet ups outside your missions. The potential of the game just dropped instantly when it was launches. You can تحميل لعبة جاتا for a better experience. The previous series are visible through Xbox, pc and ps3 which gives more people the chance to see the game in better and modern graphics. For this game, it may have worked well for others but it showed laggy pictures and a poor open multiplayer mode for others.

Why some people do not like the GTA 4