Working with a new Seedbox can be frustrating, especially when you are a beginner. There are many rules to follow, and setting it up cannot be easy.  One common problem you will face will be slow seeding and uploads on your private tracker even when downloads are perfect and fast. Sometimes, the seeding may not occur at all. The main issue could be the ratio between the leechers and seeders on your torrent. If the numbers are different, of the number of seeders is higher than that of leechers and you have been downloading for a couple of hours or brakes there will not be any uploads on your server.  The other explanation is that you have multiple files on your torrent. Some leechers on your server will download specific files. You can tell that the server is not downloading when the percentage in uploads is stuck.

When you are operating a new public tracker, keep in mind that this is not a magical buffer you are working with. the shared servers usually have a lot of congestion on the buffer, even when it is advertised to run at high speeds.  If the upload incentive is high, you will keep fighting with the other users for the peer-to- peer swans. To add on that, most peers will prefer other peers over the seeders, which makes it harder for you to use the connection.  You can correct this by setting up an autosnatching , doing some combs and waiting it out until the ratio is balanced. Sometimes, the issue may be on some of the sites, they have to be connectable in order to work. you can see this when files are downloading while others are not and the ratio is almost perfect.

Why your torrents are not uploading on a new Seedbox